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YOUR LIKE POWER (FUZHOU) CO., LTD., is one of the few OEM manufacturers in China gather the development design, manufacturing and sales in one, with up to more than 30 patents, specializing in the production of generator sets and its accessories, And has more than 30 years of production experience in supporting parts .The company has advanced production equipment and complete testing procedures, has a group of high-quality professional and technical personnel, and has the ability of innovation. Main products are 1-5 kw air-cooled generator sets and 10-2000 kw water-cooled generator sets. As a professional engine and generator sets manufacturing company which growing up from the manufacturing of internal combustion engine accessories, we strictly according to ISO9001-2021 international quality management system to manage and product.

We have sheet metal processing line, spraying line, control panel assembly line, generator set assembly and debugging workshop, 2000KW multi-data acquisition and testing room and more than 30000 square meters of production site, with a monthly production capacity of 5000 water cooling generators.
The diesel generator set of 5KW-2000KW adopts the mould, standardized and standardized production process, which ensures the stable and reliable product quality.
The unique top tank design of the water-cooled diesel generator enables the ATS function to be fully developed and the generator set can be started at any time.
The small size and unique air duct design enable the generator to run for a long time with low noise and no high temperature..
Your like make you like. We will be in line with the "good faith and keep promise, high quality and efficiency, innovation and progress, common development" business policy, to provide customers with inexpensive products and the best solution.

Our Factory

Founded in 1989
Professional 、Generators、Manufacturer
Over 200 emplyee
 Located in  Fujian, China
Good reputation
10 person R&D team

1. Production machines 74 sets
2. Molds & tooling production
3. Quality first
-Mold made, rigorous spare parts test, assembly line, genset with load test before delivery, qualified rate 99.9%.
4. Innovations
-More than 30 kinds of authorized invention patents and design patents.
-Outstanding contributions in muffler, silent enclosure and whole metal plate stretching alternator cover.
-Always improve products. Keep on moving!
5. Customer-focused service
-OEM, customize, reliable, friendly, efficient and sustainable service.
-1 year warranty, when expired, offer spare parts at cost, also repair guide.
6. Various products
-Diesel generator set, single-cylinder generator, welding generator, trailer mounted lighting tower,gasoline generator, inverter generator, water pump…
-New products are coming soon...

Our factory poccess of 74sets production facilities that guarantee mass production.

Machine& Equipments-1
Machine& Equipments-2
Machine& Equipments-1
No. Name Spec. Qty (set)
1 CNC hydraulic pendulum shearing machine 4000KN 1
2 Hydraulic pendulum shearing machine 2500KN 1
3 Steel plate shearers 2000KN 1
4 Bottom transmission double action drawing press 300T 2
5 Double-action hydraulic drawing press 200T 200T 1
6 Four-column hydraulic press 500T 1
7 Hydraulic sheet metal drawing press 1000T 1
8 Hydrolic plate bender 2500 2
9 Hydrolic plate bender 4000 1
10 Punching machine 125T 2
11 Punching machine 100T 1
12 Punching machine 80T 2
13 Punching machine 63T 1
14 Punching machine 40T 3
15 Punching machine 30T 1
Machine& Equipments-2
No. Name Spec. Qty (set)
16 Punching machine 25T 2
17 Punching machine 10T 3
18 Punching machine 6.3T 1
19 Spot welder 6
20 Roll seam welding machine FZ-160H 2
21 Intermediate frequency inverter type point convex welder SMD/SSM 1
22 Argon arc welding machine NBC-270 11
23 SJDQ (Stationary Hydraulic Vehicle-Ride Bridge) DCQG8-0.8 1
24 Plasma cutting machine 1
25 Chassis automatic welding 1
26 Semi-automatic teeth extruding machine 1
27 Automatic tank high frequency welding 1
28 Stud plant automation 5
30 Panasonic robot TA-1800 5
31 Forklift 12
32 Elevator 2

Make canopy

Cut steel plates,punch,bending...


Color optional

produce spare parts, engine, alternator

Fuel tank,muffler, hinge,air filter, control panel...

Small power engines


Assemble housing, connect engine and alternator, fix them to chasis


50% load, 75% load, 100% load, 110% load and all protection functions


Plywood case or carton


Raw material processing workshop
Laser cutter
Hydraulic Drawing Press



30% lower cost、Enviormenal、High precision、Good heat ventilation、High production speed




Raw material processing workshop

Raw material processing workshop

Laser cutter

Laser cutter

Hydraulic Drawing Press

Hydraulic Drawing Press

Fire Cutter

Water cooled cutter

Plate cutter

Bending Machine

Drilling Machine


Hydraulic leveling machine

Automatic welding manipulator

Shielded welding

Spot welding

Welding fixture

Shielded welding

Surface treatment line
(electrostatic spray coating)

1.pellet blasting treatment

1.pellet blasting treatment-1



2、Electrostatic spray coating

Air brush clean dust.




Internal and external chrome plating

Semi-finished products warehouse

Assembly line

Loading dock