Industry university research contract

May 13th, Your Like Power (Fuzhou) Co., Ltd. and Fuzhou University of International Studies And Trade held the signing ceremony of industry-university-research strategic cooperation agreement in college.

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The two sides had in-depth discussions on the integration of industry and education, including deepening school-enterprise cooperation, personnel training, product upgrading and joint r&d platform, and reached cooperation intention.

In the future, based on mutual trust, both sides will actively promote cooperation in the field of industry, education and research, promote the development of various businesses of both sides, and realize resource sharing, complementary advantages and mutual assistance and win-win situation.

After the signing ceremony, our company visited Fuzhou University of International Studies And Trade then carried out in-depth discussion on the upcoming sewage environmental treatment project.

Ancestors tell us: one side of the soil and water to support one side of the people, water is how important to health! At present, every household is equipped with water purifier. The water filtered by the water purifier filters out the dirty things and also filters out trace elements. The filtered water is not good for the body, so it is not a cure for the symptoms.

President Xi Jinping said: “Clear waters and lush mountains are mountains of gold and silver.” Thanks to decades of unremitting efforts by the Chinese people, the mountains have turned green, but the waters have not yet completely turned up. This is a major event in the development of environmental protection industry, and it is of great significance to speed up the treatment of water environmental pollution.

Therefore, we will earnestly shoulder the mission of sewage treatment, concentrate our minds, overcome difficulties, take positive actions, and seek breakthroughs in innovation and development. We hope that president Xi Jinping’s vision of beautiful mountains and beautiful waters will be realized at an early date.

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Post time: May-24-2022