Smooth shipment under the influence of the Covid-19

Affected by the new Covid-19 in 2020, various industries have suffered a lot of impacts, and it will be a big cold wave to the global economy, trade and offline consumption. The five major industries such as catering, transportation, tourism and real estate, as well as offline retail, will face unprecedented impacts.
Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, this is a major public health emergency with the fastest speed of transmission, the widest scope of infection and the greatest difficulty in preventing and controlling it.The epidemic of the new crown has a great impact on the short-term economic and social development and people’s life, and the negative impact on the electricity demand is also very obvious.

However, under the guidance of various anti-epidemic measures and policies of the Chinese government, our factory still started to work smoothly.
Today, we also completed the Brazil order of 45 sets silent diesel generator sets according to the original plan and make shipment successfully.

Smooth shipment under the influence of the Covid-19

Smooth shipment under the influence of the Covid-191

In the coming month, we have orders from Indonesia and the Philippines, 24 lighthouses of 5kw diesel gensets and two containers of 20kW – 100kW super silent canopy diesel power generators.

Post time: Feb-25-2021