What are the effects of ambient temperature on the power of diesel generator sets?

No matter what brand, imported or domestic diesel generator sets, their operation will be affected by the working environment. The three environmental factors, altitude, temperature and humidity, have a particularly obvious impact on the diesel generator set:
1.Altitude. The general use of diesel generator sets is not higher than 1000 meters above sea level. The output of a diesel generator decreases by 5 per cent for every 100 meters of elevation. Because the higher the altitude, the lower the local air pressure, thin air, oxygen content is small, will lead to the unit due to insufficient intake and combustion conditions.
2.Ambient temperature. The normal ambient temperature of the diesel generator set is 15 degrees below zero to 40 degrees above zero. Other protective functions should be installed on the diesel generator set when the temperature is lower or higher. For example, auxiliary starting measures should be taken when the temperature is low.

3.Air humidity. The humidity of the air also has an impact on the diesel generator set. If the unit is used for a long time in a relatively large environment of air humidity, it will cause great damage to the generator set and even can not be used.

In summary, when using diesel generator sets, we must take full account of the impact of environmental factors on them, and try to avoid the use of the unit at high altitude, ultra-low or ultra-high temperature and high humidity. If we want to use it under harsh conditions, we must add the corresponding protective measures to protect the normal operation of the unit.

What are the effects of ambient temperature on the power of diesel generator sets

Post time: Jun-18-2021